Ashen Horde

Dripping with all of the glitz, glamour, filth and flagrance of the Sunset Strip, Ashen Horde is a one-man blackened-prog band that embraces the dark, vile underbelly of Hollywood, while shunning the commercialism for which it is most known.

Drawing influence from the crème de la extreme, Ashen Horde (also known as Trevor Portz) celebrates the darker side of metal in all its grim glory. Inspired by bands ranging from Immortal to Enslaved, and Tulus to Strapping Young Lad, this is blackened prog-metal art at its finest. It’s technical and crushing, yet at times darkly melodic.

Over the last two years, Ashen Horde has released two EPs and a full-length album, together forming the Sanguinum Vindicta trilogy. All have received high critical acclaim, driving high play/download numbers on sites like Spotify, Pandora and iTunes, as well as a rapidly growing fanbase.

2015 saw Ashen Horde’s first foray onto vinyl, with the “Echthros” seven inch released in early August. Concurrently, the second album, “Nine Plagues,” is being recorded, with the release targeted for late fall. With fans already spread across the globe, Portz is hoping to gain wider distribution for the new album. Finding a live band is also on the horizon.

Unfettered by the need to conform, unaffected by popular trends, uncastrated by plastic production, Ashen Horde represents the true underground spirit. This is music for Hollywood starlets, Vegas harlots, and anyone looking to taste their own dark side.

Who needs streets paved with gold, when they’re already so perfectly black?

Praise for Sanguinum Vindicta

8.5/10- Chronicles of Chaos: “Sanguinum Vindicta belongs both to the school of insanely fast black metal bands for whom blast beats were invented, and to the kind of bands whose progressive stamp is carefully embedded into the fabric of their dissonance and distortion…” 

4/5- The Heavy Metal Tribune: “Ashen Horde‘s debut has been one that is extremely enjoyable and unique in days where new releases are mostly rehashes of the old sound…” 

8/10- HardRock Haven: “Longtime fans of Black Metal may wonder where the hell this band has been, because in any genre, things can become formulaic, while Ashen Horde certainly isn’t.”

Dead Rhetoric: “Ever wondered what Strapping Young Lad would sound like through a black metal filter? Listen to “Midwinter’s Loss” and “Midwinter’s Lust” and wonder no more!”

Metal Disciple: ““Sanguinum Vindicta” proves that you can play dark, evil sounding metal without giving up skill and clarity… The legions of metal should take note of Ashen Horde.”

The Path Less Traveled: “Absolutely brilliant.”