New album- Fallen Cathedrals- coming March 22!

Our third album, Fallen Cathedrals, will be release by Extreme Metal Music/Rockshots Records worldwide on March 22. It will be available on cd, LP and digitally.

CDs (including an exclusive bonus track) are available for preorder via Rockshots mailorder, and will soon be available on Amazon as well. 

LP preorders (and t-shirt bundles) are available here.

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"Parity Lost"
"Profound Darkness"
"The Vanishing"
"Final Ascent"
"Face Of The Enmity"
"Primal" (bonus track on CD only)

Ashen Horde Fallen Cathedrals



New lyric video!

We worked with the amazing Drain Hope on a lyric video for Arisen, the a-side of "The Alchemist." Check it out:


New EP now available! 

"The Alchemist," the first release with Stevie on vocals, is now available everywhere digital is sold. Limited 7" copies are also available on our Bandcamp and Big Cartel stores, and will ship mid-April. Additionally, we have limited-edition shirts with the cover image, available both alone or in combination with the 7". Get 'em before they're gone!

Ashen Horde The Alchemist 7


A new lineup requires a new logo!

Ashen Horde Logo II


Ashen Horde has secured a new vocalist: Stevie Boiser

A one-man project no more, I'm happy to announce that the crazy talented Stevie Boiser will be taking over vocal duties. Stevie is well-known in the tech death scene, fronting Dissonance in Design, TETHYS and Equipoise, as well as formerly serving as lead vocalist for Colorado-based Vale of Pnath.

New material is already underway, with 7" being prepped as I post this. Stay tuned for more info!

Stevie Boiser Ashen Horde 


"Nine Plagues" on vinyl: Kickstarter campaign was a success!

The goal was met, and thus "Nine Plagues" will be coming to vinyl! Everything has been sent off to the pressing plant, so now I just have to wait for 8-10 weeks... Thanks to everyone who made this thing a reality! There will be extra copies, which will be added to the Big Cartel and Bandcamp stores, as well as select webshops.


"Nine Plagues" on vinyl: Kickstarter campaign!

There have been a number of requests to press “Nine Plagues” on vinyl, but due to the high cost of such an undertaking, Kickstarter seemed the only way to make it happen.

Notes about the vinyl version of “Nine Plagues”:

  • 2LP set in a gatefold sleeve, complete with lyrics
  • Will feature an exclusive bonus track
  • Comes with a freed download of the album

There are a variety of pledge levels—everything from cds to vinyl packages—and every bit helps. Plus, if the goal isn’t met, you keep your money!


Thanks in advance.





The second single from Nine Plagues is "Isolation." The single, along with a bonus rehearsal demo of "The Revenant" (from Ab Initio) is available for free download here:

There's also a lyric video, which can be viewed right here!




The sophomore album, Nine Plagues, is now available wherever digital music is sold, as well as on cd (with bonus track). 

Nine Plagues is a concept album relaying the tale an isolated village that is savagely attacked by bloodthirsty invaders. The inhabitants are forced to take refuge in an unforgiving landscape, with tragedy crushing them at every turn. Each song details a different “plague” that befalls the refugees as they struggle to survive. The music is as grim and unforgiving as the story it carries.

Why the hell haven't you checked it out yet?




Big Cartel


Check out the official lyric video for "Feral," the debut single from the forthcoming album "Nine Plagues," out 12/15/15.


"Feral," the first single from the new album, "Nine Plagues," is now available wherever digital music is sold. For the first week, you can get "Feral," plus two exclusive cover songs (The Misfits' "Wolfsblood" and Thyrfing's "Vargavinter") for FREE at the OFFICIAL ASHEN HORDE BANDCAMP site.



 "Echthros" limited 7" single now available!

The new single, featuring the original song "Echthros." backed with a cover of Sepultura's "Arise," is now available on limited-edition (100 copies only) 7"! Go to to get your copy (which comes with an immediate download).

The single is also available wherever digital music is sold. 

Watch the lyric video here:




Ashen Horde shirts are finally available!

Due to a number of requests, I finally got around to making logo shirts. Head over to the new Ashen Horde Big Cartel store for those, as well as the back catalog on cd.


New Ashen Horde music is coming soon!

Recordings are complete for the new EP. One new original song as well as an Ashenized cover of a thrash classic (details shortly). If demand is high enough, the goal is to put it out on 7" vinyl. Go to the AH Facebook page and let me know you're interested!

On top of that, the second full-length album is underway. Shooting for a late summer release. Cleanse yourselves now.

Background and cover artwork on this page by Inextremiss: